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Included here are Mission activities held in the church, of an Ecumenical nature, and also other services to the community.

Community Lunches.
Come to the Church Hall on Sundays, Wednesdays or Fridays and enjoy a cooked meal for £4, puddings £1 !! There is usually a roast dinner, pie, sweet & sour or curry dish, a vegetarian option and various puddings. Open to anyone in the community, no booking necessary . Open from 12 noon to 2 pm

The Open Daw

Monday - Friday 10 - 12 noon in the vestibule.  The aim is to provide a central focus for information on welfare and social activities in the community.  It will act as a signpost to different agencies and advisory bodies.  Tea and coffee facilities are available.

Craft Messy Church

Any child up to secondary school age can meet after school on the 3rd Fridays each month for Bible themed crafts and a family tea. From 3.45 - 6 pm in the Hall. Children must be accompanied by an adult.   Website -
or Facebook -

The Sunflower Bunch

A support group for anyone who is or has been going through surgery and/or treatment for any type of cancer in the Methodist Church Vestibule on the first Wednesday of every month from 3 - 5 p.m.

Please come and lets see how we can help each other.    Website -
 or Facebook     Sue Thompson 01626865308   E-mail:

This is how Samara’s Aid defines “new” and “used” – remember that all items are given as gifts.

“new” in packaging/on hanger/with tags still attached.

“used” freshly laundered/cleaned items, no marks, holes, wear, buttons missing, zips working. This is because new packers will be on board and we wish to simplify matters.

Remember that the bar is set much higher than what we might wear for “old” or what we might buy from a charity shop. Why? They are gifts of love to traumatised people who probably have minimal access to laundry or sewing facilities. Each item must be worth its place in the lorry or container, which costs over £6,000 to send. Something that will wear out quickly is a waste of the space.

Items included in this Autumn Appeal

1)   All Season clothes, adult, child, baby, new and used;
 2)   New underwear in tags or in packaging;
3)  Used immaculate “Top half” underwear only; (No used “bottom half” underwear)
4) Shoes and boots,
polished, paired, immaculate.
5) Wheelchairs, Zimmer frames and crutches (paired); Moses baskets
6) Disposable nappies, sanitary towels & incontinence pads in new unopened packing
7) Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, all packs etc, unopened.
8) BANANA BOXES WITH LIDS – please collect as many as possible
9) If possible, donations to cover cost of transport to the Middle East.
If you have any unopened medical supplies, contact Chris before the end of August.
No adult shorts, above the knee skirts, sleeveless or strappy tops, evening type clothes, shoes with high heels. Beware of pictures on clothing or in colouring books which might be inappropriate.
Where to leave contributions  At any of the Anglican churches when open from Sun 3rd Sept up until Sat 6th Oct, or delivered  to St
Mary’s Hall, Dawlish Warren on Sunday 7
th October between 2 & 4 pm. Any large items/multiple boxes of ready packed new items such as incontinence pads, please contact Tracy (07792298005; about collection/delivery.